Thursday, August 23, 2012

DIY Photography Light Reflector

Hello lovely readers! My most sincere apology for the 6 month hiatus. Crafting was on the back burner since summer is my busiest months for photo sessions. It was only when I finished my last project to enhance my photography I knew I needed to share it with everyone!

If you live in the mountains like me you understand the importance of piping in sunlight whilst trees are in full bloom. Light reflectors are not terribly expensive and I have had intentions of buying a "professional" reflector but I found myself in a pinch last weekend for my evening shoot. After a quick trip to the Dollar Store and 15 minutes of ingenuity I had my very own reflector.

For less than $3 (after tax) I have created my own reflector using a project display board (that my Dollar Tree has carried for a few months) and a roll of aluminum foil!

As you can see from the picture above I wrapped the inside of the display board with the foil and secured it with clear packing tape. It might not be the prettiest thing in the world but it's functional and that was my goal.

To show a comparison I snapped a quick shot of one of my old Polaroid cameras in low light. Then positioned the reflector and voila! You can see the difference immediately!



What are your thoughts? What else could be used to make your own reflector? 

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