Thursday, August 23, 2012

DIY Photography Light Reflector

Hello lovely readers! My most sincere apology for the 6 month hiatus. Crafting was on the back burner since summer is my busiest months for photo sessions. It was only when I finished my last project to enhance my photography I knew I needed to share it with everyone!

If you live in the mountains like me you understand the importance of piping in sunlight whilst trees are in full bloom. Light reflectors are not terribly expensive and I have had intentions of buying a "professional" reflector but I found myself in a pinch last weekend for my evening shoot. After a quick trip to the Dollar Store and 15 minutes of ingenuity I had my very own reflector.

For less than $3 (after tax) I have created my own reflector using a project display board (that my Dollar Tree has carried for a few months) and a roll of aluminum foil!

As you can see from the picture above I wrapped the inside of the display board with the foil and secured it with clear packing tape. It might not be the prettiest thing in the world but it's functional and that was my goal.

To show a comparison I snapped a quick shot of one of my old Polaroid cameras in low light. Then positioned the reflector and voila! You can see the difference immediately!



What are your thoughts? What else could be used to make your own reflector? 

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Monday, February 20, 2012

DIY - Light Switch Cover Tutorial

Hello my wonderful readers! How is February treating you? I hope all is well and you are having a fantastic 2012 - thus far.

It's that time again, time for a new tutorial. I didn't realize how much people liked my felt arrow tutorial. It pleases me to no end. This project is easy as easy can be and for once I didn't get the inspiration from Pinterest! As it were, I have been making light switch covers for many years. My mother (who is much more crafty than I) taught me this trick when I was just a mini me.

After living in our home for 6 years I decided to start the tradition of covering light switches. My biggest issue with the project is I have the flippy switches - ok, flippy is not the technical term, I think they are called "Rocker Light Switch" but flippy sounds cuter! If you have the other, normal light switch you can skip part of my tutorial entirely. Thankful I like a challenge and had to find a way to make it all work!

  • Mod Podge
  • Switch cover
  • Sponge/brush (I used a sponge)
  • Scrap book paper or Fabric or book page
  • Scissors
  • Exacto knife or small knife of some type
  • Hot glue gun (optional)

 Cut paper (or fabric) slightly larger than your switch cover and Mod Podge the front face.


Cut the four corners of your paper so it will be less likely to bubble.


With your Exact-O knife cut the opening for your switch. I suggest cutting a smaller area than your switch. This will allow you to fold your paper inside with no seams showing.


Either Mod Podge or hot glue your paper down on the back of the cover. I chose hot glue because it sticks much easier (and faster) to the plastic.

If you have a normal light switch you can skip this step. My cover is in two separate pieces. The top piece (which I have already covered) and this bottom part. I chose the lazy route and only covered the edge of the light switch (the only part you can see) and folded the paper behind it. As you can see I cut my paper a tad bit short on the left side, but once the Mod Podge dries no one is the wiser - besides you!

Add one final coat of Mod Podge to your switch cover. Once it is completely dry reassemble your parts.

And Voila! A snazzy light switch cover for my dining room!
Yes I realize I have cracks and bubbles in my paper but that's the way I wanted it. If you are aiming for a smooth flat surface, make sure you take your time on the initial Mod Podging. The great thing about tutorials is, you learn from them.

So, what are your thoughts? Any cool ideas springing from this project?

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Twig and Felt Valentine Arrow

I'm thrilled to share a new tutorial with you; my oh so wonderful readers!

In honor of Valentine's Day I wanted to tackle a cute project. As is the story for most of my tutorials - I found this on Pinterest. The original tutorial can be found here.

I plan on using my twig arrow in a photo shoot next week. I'm sure my model will have fun with it.


  • Small/medium twig (your preference)
  • Felt in desired color (obviously pink make sense)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon 

I'm aware my "feathers" are sloppy, I free handed it to prove how easy it can be. Pardon the mess in the photo - this is where I create everything. :)

Once you have cut two arrow feathers and two triangles - word of advice, make sure these pieces are big enough to wrap around your twig; I learn from trial and error apparently. 

Hot glue your two feathers around your twig evenly. Be cautious not to scorch yourself! I found gluing the bottom of the felt to the twig, then running a straight line of glue up the middle of the felt (not to touch the cuts you've made for the feather look) works best.

Then hot glue your two triangles to the other end of your twig and voila! A felt arrow!

My arrow is not identical to Carolyn's and that's the fun of crafting. You bring a shared idea to the table and walk away with a piece that is all your own!


Until next time, Craft Happily.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Handmade Christmas And A New Year

Sorry for the hiatis but I'm sure everyone understands, the holiday season is crazy. Now that it is over it's time to get back to reality. Thankfully I had enough sense about me during the hustle and bustle to take pics of my finished projects a.k.a. Christmas presents. I'm not taking the time to edit them, center or brighten the colors. They were last minute shots and that suits to describe my life for the past month!

I have new ideas and plans for the New Year for this blog. As some of you know, my other blog is turning a year old January 1. I'm contemplating a name change to it and the direction I should head in. I'm excited for the New Year. Are you?

If you are looking for guidance for the new year, I suggest you check out and download/print a wonderful workbook.You can go directly to the blog post for the workbook here. As for me; 2011 was a terrible year. I had to work on so many issues at one time that my head was swimming from anxiety and exhaustion. I have spent the past month reflecting on where I have been and where I want to go. I'm in a much better place now. I'm still working through these pages, but thus far it has already been a tremendous help.

Susannah Conway

I'm curious if anyone else is using Susannah's workbook. If so, I'd love to hear from you and about your progress.

Here's to a wonderful year my dears full of happiness and success!

With much love,


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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Give Old Shoes New Life-Notes from the Bench Tutorial

I came across a link on Twitter a few days ago for using fabric and Mod Podge to give an old pair of ballet flats new life. I have several pairs (as I grow older they are a staple in my wardrobe) but was curious if the Mod Podge really stood up to the test.

Take a look at the fabulous tutorial from Notes from the Bench. She provides a link to the original post with step by step directions that look easy as pie. I LOVE the fabric she chose for her flats. Purple is my favorite color and the geometrical design keeps it fresh.

I can't wait to try this out! Who knows I might re-fabric all of my flats! If you're going to dream, dream big!

How is everyone handling the holidays? Christmas shopping complete? Presents wrapped? If you are like me, you are far from finished!

Let's hope we can all keep our sanity this holiday season and remember to Craft Happily!

Monday, November 28, 2011

ATC Giveaway winner is...

It's November 28, 2011 at 6:00PM on the eastern coast which could only mean one thing; I have a winner to announce!

For those of you who missed the boat (so to speak) this was the prize:

Four Handmade Artist Trading Cards - or ATC's free to a good home.

I left the giveaway open for 2 weeks hoping to generate at least a smidgen of traffic; unfortunately this was not the case. Maybe it was the holiday, maybe people didn't understand the rules or maybe they just don't give a rats ass about 4 little cards that I worked very hard on? What ever the reason, I THANK each and every person who entered the contest.

The winner is: Nicole Capps! She was number 13 with her "Like" of Craft Happily!

Nicole if you would be so kind as to message me (on Facebook) your mailing address I will get those out to you this week.

As for the other 3 participants I will be sending you each a personalized atc as a token of my appreciation.

Congratulations to Nicole!

Thank you all for entering <3

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving-ATC Giveaway

In honor of the "giving" in Thanksgiving I'm excited to announce Craft Happily's first Giveaway!

What makes this giveaway so special is the fact you (can) give the reward away. The prize are four handmade ATC cards! Some of you might be asking "What is an ATC card?" It's short for Artistic Trading Cards. The cards are mini works of art as their size is 2.5" x 3.5". You can use these for scrapbooking, collecting, display them as art, or give them to friends/family/artists in appreciation.

I chose four occasions Female Birthday, Male Birthday, Just Because and Christmas. They are small enough to fit in card envelopes or even used as a tag on a present.

For each entry please leave a SEPARATE comment letting me know you have completed each entry. I will be using to choose the winner.

**Mandatory Entry: Leave a comment below - even if you say something nice**

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Giveaway ends Monday November 28, 2011 at 6pm Eastern Time.
Giveaway is open to everyone. No rules on residency.
Winner will be announced on Twitter/Facebook and blog post. If you comment as Anonymous please leave your name and/or email address. Winner will have 48 hours to provide shipping information. If after 48 hours there is no response another entry at random will be chosen.  No purchase necessary – void where prohibited by law.

Good luck to everyone!

If you have questions/concerns I am always available through the above networks or you may email crafthappily(at)hotmail(dot)com

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