Monday, November 28, 2011

ATC Giveaway winner is...

It's November 28, 2011 at 6:00PM on the eastern coast which could only mean one thing; I have a winner to announce!

For those of you who missed the boat (so to speak) this was the prize:

Four Handmade Artist Trading Cards - or ATC's free to a good home.

I left the giveaway open for 2 weeks hoping to generate at least a smidgen of traffic; unfortunately this was not the case. Maybe it was the holiday, maybe people didn't understand the rules or maybe they just don't give a rats ass about 4 little cards that I worked very hard on? What ever the reason, I THANK each and every person who entered the contest.

The winner is: Nicole Capps! She was number 13 with her "Like" of Craft Happily!

Nicole if you would be so kind as to message me (on Facebook) your mailing address I will get those out to you this week.

As for the other 3 participants I will be sending you each a personalized atc as a token of my appreciation.

Congratulations to Nicole!

Thank you all for entering <3

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