Monday, November 28, 2011

ATC Giveaway winner is...

It's November 28, 2011 at 6:00PM on the eastern coast which could only mean one thing; I have a winner to announce!

For those of you who missed the boat (so to speak) this was the prize:

Four Handmade Artist Trading Cards - or ATC's free to a good home.

I left the giveaway open for 2 weeks hoping to generate at least a smidgen of traffic; unfortunately this was not the case. Maybe it was the holiday, maybe people didn't understand the rules or maybe they just don't give a rats ass about 4 little cards that I worked very hard on? What ever the reason, I THANK each and every person who entered the contest.

The winner is: Nicole Capps! She was number 13 with her "Like" of Craft Happily!

Nicole if you would be so kind as to message me (on Facebook) your mailing address I will get those out to you this week.

As for the other 3 participants I will be sending you each a personalized atc as a token of my appreciation.

Congratulations to Nicole!

Thank you all for entering <3

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving-ATC Giveaway

In honor of the "giving" in Thanksgiving I'm excited to announce Craft Happily's first Giveaway!

What makes this giveaway so special is the fact you (can) give the reward away. The prize are four handmade ATC cards! Some of you might be asking "What is an ATC card?" It's short for Artistic Trading Cards. The cards are mini works of art as their size is 2.5" x 3.5". You can use these for scrapbooking, collecting, display them as art, or give them to friends/family/artists in appreciation.

I chose four occasions Female Birthday, Male Birthday, Just Because and Christmas. They are small enough to fit in card envelopes or even used as a tag on a present.

For each entry please leave a SEPARATE comment letting me know you have completed each entry. I will be using to choose the winner.

**Mandatory Entry: Leave a comment below - even if you say something nice**

#2 Entry: "Like" Craft Happily on Facebook

#3 Entry: "Like" Garnet Photography & Jewelry on Facebook

#4 Entry: Follow @CraftHappily on Twitter

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#6 Entry: +1 this on Google by clicking the +1 button at the bottom of the post

#7 Entry: Join Craft Happily's Facebook Group

Optional entries that can be done DAILY and are worth 1 entry each:

*Share this post on Facebook -Remember to comment here to let me know!

*Share this post on Twitter - Please include your Twitter tag in your comment

*Vote for Craft Happily on by clicking "We're on the Fence!" button to the left - Remember to comment here to let me know!

Giveaway ends Monday November 28, 2011 at 6pm Eastern Time.
Giveaway is open to everyone. No rules on residency.
Winner will be announced on Twitter/Facebook and blog post. If you comment as Anonymous please leave your name and/or email address. Winner will have 48 hours to provide shipping information. If after 48 hours there is no response another entry at random will be chosen.  No purchase necessary – void where prohibited by law.

Good luck to everyone!

If you have questions/concerns I am always available through the above networks or you may email crafthappily(at)hotmail(dot)com

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Kite Bow Organizer Tutorial

Ello Gov'na ((in my best attempt to be British)) I hope your day is/has been lovely and bright.

It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is a little over a week away! I'm not ready for Christmas! Of course I'm never ready. I'm a total procrastinator - spending the last 3 days trying to find a gift and wrap it! No thanks to the economy, this year just as last I will be making most of my gifts. I've bookmarked several to keep things 'fresh' and as we grow even closer to the holiday I will be sharing some of them with you.

I keep returning to a tutorial on Ruffles And Stuff's blog. "Kite Bow Organizer Tutorial" It is simply precious and easy! Metal clothes hanger, fabric, ribbon and a hot glue gun. Done! Check out her post, you can thank me later!

Be sure to return to the blog tomorrow. We are having our first giveaway! Want a tiny hint as to what it is? You can share this with male and female birthdays, Christmas and "Just because"!

Until tomorrow; Craft Happily!