Monday, August 29, 2011

Welcome to Craft Happily

Welcome my fellow crafties!

I'm thrilled you stopped by for the very first post of Craft Happily. The best is yet to come and I hope you will be a part of the fun! 

What is the story behind Craft Happily? Pull up a chair and grab a cup of coffee while I entertain you with a story of magic, wizards and...oh, wait...that's Harry Potter! My story begins the same way as many others have; once upon a time there was a 20 something female who loved (almost) every aspect of art. Her days were filled with felting, journaling, jewelry making and photography to name a few. One day the most brilliant idea hit her *ouch* and out of the pain Craft Happily was born!

In all honesty I was searching through the wonders of the WWW for a crafting/tutorial/pattern sharing community. Much to my surprise there were none. Yes, there are some communities...for knitting, for felting, for art journaling and for sewing. I am a jack of all trades, or at least try all trades and had no desire to join each site individually. Thus Craft Happily was born...*smacks bottom*.

My goal for this community is to have everyone, from every type of crafting out there come together and have a place to share their ideas and creations.

Ranging from:





Scrapbooking (digital or traditional)

Art Journaling




Graphic Design

Jewelry Design

Mixed Media Artists

Interior Designs

and many many more!

Thus far I have created a Group on Facebook and a Fan page (where I can keep the blog updated).

This is OUR place to share and create and I'm so glad you are here!


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